Addressing Odor:

The “fresh foam odor” that you may experience upon opening a product could be strong since the product was packaged in plastic and the memory foam has open cell technology. This odor is non-toxic and not harmful in any way, however, it can be offensive if you have an acute sense of smell. We suggest removing the product from its cover (if applicable) to allow for a natural flow of air to pass through the foam. Applying pressure or fluffing the product will break any tiny air bubbles (open cell technology) that contain odor. To help dissipate the odor, you can spritz the product with a fabric refresher, such as Febreze.  Repeat a few times and always let it fully dry before covering it. If the cover can be laundered (please follow care instructions sewn into the cover or printed on the packaging or insert), we suggest doing this before putting it back on the product. To freshen your pillows up, we suggest spritzing them with the fabric refresher periodically as needed.