Sinomax Memory Foam

Comfort that will take your breath away.
Value that will let you breathe a sigh of relief.

High-density makes the difference. Made with premium memory foam, Sinomax products perform better and last longer to continuously surround your active lifestyle in comfort. Whether you’re sitting, standing or sleeping, our memory foam cradles you with optimal body support to relieve your pressure points, ease your muscles and allow you to fully relax.

At Sinomax, technology never sleeps. To keep you cool and even more comfortable, our ongoing advancements have led to better absorption of body heat and neutralization of memory foam odor. But we don’t allow progress to come to a rest, either. We work tirelessly to ensure our memory foam maintains its high standards and certifications for safety and environmental responsibility.

Rest easy. With Sinomax premium memory foam, you’ll enjoy better products with better value.